Dealers Room

Dealers Room Chair: Nora Rankin email: (TusCon Dealers Room)

Prospective Dealers

TusCon 45 will have a juried Dealers Room for 2018, so prospective dealers must apply in order to be considered. Submitting an application does not guarantee table space or a specific number of tables, so please do not send money with your application, if your business is accepted into the Dealers Room we will send you an acceptance email with payment instructions.

The Dealers Room is currently S O L D   O U T 

Due date was April 1, 2018. Selected dealers have been notified.

For more information please contact Nora Rankin, TusCon’s Dealers Room Chair: (, TusCon Dealers Room)

This Year's Dealers

Thank you to our Dealers

Cloud nine


Sarah Clemens

Weegonza Bazaar

Ashelon Publishing

The 18th Shadow