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Hello fellow fans. Welcome to TusCon, Arizona.
More specifically, welcome to TusCon 41, our 41st anniversary Sci-F, Fantasy and Horror convention.

TusCon 41 will be held October 31-Nov 2nd 2014 at the Hotel Tucson City Center InnSuites Conference Suite Resort in Tucson, Arizona.  Use Code “TUS1014” when making a hotel reservation.      http://www.innsuites.com/tucson_citycenter/

Please make sure to register early; we like to keep this convention small and intimate so that everyone has a chance to interact with our amazing guest authors, artists and panelists. Attendance is limited to 500 registered attendees annually.

At TusCon, we do things a little differently. We have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere surrounding three days of fascinating events and up close and personal discussions with some of today’s finest Sci-Fi , Fantasy and Horror creators.

We are proud to welcome this years guests!
Author Guest of Honor: Janni Lee Simner

Artist Guest of Honor: Sarah Clemens

Special Media Guest: Ernie Reyes Jr.

Multi Media Special Guest: Geoff Notkin

Fan Guest Of Honor: Curt “Fergie” Booth

Musical Guest: The Whiskey Bards

Guest Toastmaster: Weston Ochse

Toastmaster: Ed Bryant

And MANY more!!!

Our Toastmaster this year is the witty Ed Bryant, who is a two-time winner of the coveted Nebula Award for his works of fiction. Ed has been one of the guiding figures of new writing talent in the industry for many years. Don’t miss “Meet the Pros” featuring Ed as he kicks off the con with his inimitable blend of humor, eloquence, and wit on Friday, October 31.

What else is there to do at the con?
Panel Discussions: TusCon prides itself on having really unusual, interesting panel discussions the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else. This has been a staple of our convention for 41 years and one of the reason’s people keep coming back.

TusCon 41 will feature over 30 fascinating panelists, including authors, artists, filmmakers, actors, and top scientists in a variety of fields, including space science. Don’t miss our feature panels with Janni Lee Simner, Sarah Clemens and Ed Bryant. Check our schedule here as panels are announced starting in September.

Costumes!!!: Who doesn’t love cosplay? Wear your hall costume or signup for our Cosplay Contest – there will be prizes for both! Winners will be highlighted on our homepage all year long!!!

Art Room: Visit our new and improved art room and take home an original masterpiece or a limited edition print. There’s some amazing work in the room this year. You can even learn about the creation process form the artists themselves. Check our schedule here as art demonstrations and classes are announced starting in October.

Dealers Room: Our Dealers Room will be jammed full of items not easily found outside of TusCon. Looking for a new sonic screwdriver, a great book, or a new costume gun for your steam punk cosplay, odd are you’ll find it here.

Film Room: Check out our steady stream of hard-to-find classic films in the Film Room open 24/3 during the Con Schedule will be posted on the door to the Film Room.

LAN Gaming Room: Into video games? The LAN gaming room will be operating all weekend long so you can destroy your opponents in a little friendly combat.

Themed Parties: Like parties? We’re cooking up a variety of themed parties for the convention to be announced later. Check the Schedule Page for more info starting in October. Make sure to book a hotel room so you can stay overnight without missing any of the fun.

Anime Room: Is Anime your thing? Check out our Anime room for hours of screenings. Schedule will be posted on the door to the Anime Room.

ConSuite: Need someplace to chill and chat with friends old and new? Our infamous ConSuite will feature free food and beverage, including our signature homemade cookies from our resident Cookie Faerie.

Special Features: Lots of exciting new features are being developed for this year's convention, including some special additions for our 41st anniversary, to be announced soon. We can’t wait!

Keep up on the latest: Follow this link to like our Facebook page here: for a regular stream of interesting science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, film, and hard science content, and for exciting updates and announcements about TusCon 41

We think you’re going to love TusCon -- “The Best Little Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Convention in Arizona.”

Author GoH

Janni Lee Simner

Artist GoH

Sarah Clemens

Media Guest
Ernie Reyes Jr.

Musical Guest

The Whiskey Bards


Special Guest

Geoff Notkin


Fan GoH

Curt “Fergie” Booth

Guest Toastmaster

Weston Ochse

Ed Bryant


Ed Bryant